Great Depression Gallery Walk

Below, you will see 6 "stations", containing a link and an image.


In Schoology, you will each have a copy of something called the Intolerance Gallery Walk DIPPSheet Planning Guide. You will use that document to analyze each of the six stations, below.


These are your notes, but Kirk will be grading the "summary" and "so what" parts you write for each station. (It should make sense when you see it).


The tables that are the "DIPPSheets" will not be graded, but you will be combining those six "DIPPSheets" into a 1920s Intolerance Summary (also found in Schoology), that you will then use to create some kind of presentation that I will be grading. (Instructions on that will be on included on the 1920s Intolerance Summary.

I will include a video, HERE, re-explaining DIPPS. (We talked about this earlier in the year.)

The Great Depression

Station 1

Farming in the 1920s


Station 2


Station 3


Station 4


Station 5


Station 6


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