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...I'm Addicted to Twitter

There are four primary things that Twitter is good for:
1. Shameless self-promotion 2. Quick answers to simple questions 3. Starting fights 4. Wasting time
…and I’m for all of the above

This is from my educational spirit guide, Gary Stager. I’ve heard him say it a couple of times, once in person. And while true, they’re not the only things.

It’s actually made me a little bit of a better writer. It’s amazing how a 140-character limit forces one to be efficient with and choose exactly the right words. I feel like my comedy has improved because I have to deconstruct the joke in order to understand which words are most important and pack the biggest punch.

I’ve also done more meaningful, professional reading in the nine months that I’ve been addicted than I’ve probably done cumulatively in the past nine years. While it’s true that much of my feed is taken up by friends and comedians, the educational professionals that I follow provide dozens of links to articles and blogs, daily, to keep me probably more occupied than my wife would like.

In fact, Twitter has definitely surpassed Facebook, now, as my #1 go to site whenever I have a couple minutes in line, or during commercials, or waiting for Rachel’s (my daughter) dance practice to wrap up. (Further reasons why I’m losing interest in fb are on the way in an upcoming post)

I’m hoping its use in my classrooms, as a back channeling tool and collaboration tool will catch on more than it has in 2012 as I convince more and more of my students and parents of its powers for good.

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